What does the STANDARD plan include?

The STANDARD plan includes:

  • 100 Dynamic QR Codes: create up to 100 Dynamic QR Codes which allow you to change their content as many times as you want without having to reprint them.
  • 100,000 scans: have your QR Codes scanned 100,000 times per month.
  • Standard analytics: view the statistics of your QR Codes (unique scans, scans, daily analytics and countries and cities) and connect them to Google Analytics.
  • Advanced QR Code design: add a logo to your QR Codes and choose the color and shape of their bodies and timing patterns (the 3 big squares).
  • Download: download your QR Codes as raster (PNG) and vector (EPS, PDF and SVG) image files.
  • Bulk QR creation: create multiple QR Codes at once.
  • Batch actions: change the content and apply design templates to multiple QR Codes at once.
  • Landing page design: customize your QR Codes' landing pages.
  • Custom templates: create QR Code and landing page design templates.
  • Email and chat support
You can check our plans and pricing in detail here.