What does the PROFESSIONAL plan include?

The PROFESSIONAL plan includes:

  • 1,000 Dynamic QR Codes: create up to 1,000 Dynamic QR Codes which allow you to change their content as many times as you want without having to reprint them.
  • Unlimited scans *
  • Advanced analytics: view the statistics of your QR Codes (unique scans, scans, daily analytics, countries and cities, audience, operating systems and mobile devices), connect them to Google Analytics and download reports as PDF and XLS files.
  • Advanced QR Code design: add a logo to your QR Codes and choose the color and shape of their bodies and timing patterns (the 3 big squares).
  • Download: download your QR Codes as raster (PNG) and vector (EPS, PDF and SVG) image files.
  • Bulk QR creation: create multiple QR Codes at once.
  • Batch actions: change the content and apply design templates to multiple QR Codes at once.
  • Landing page design: customize your QR Codes' landing pages.
  • Custom templates: create QR Code and landing page design templates.
  • Projects and tags: create projects to organize your QR Codes and add tags to filter them within a project.
  • Editable short URL: customize the part after the slash of your QR Codes' short URLs (uqr.to/THIS-PART).
  • White-label URL masking: brand your QR Codes' short URLs by assigning your domain to a project (QRS.YOUR-DOMAIN.com/qr-name).
  • User management: create and assign users to manage your projects.
  • Email and chat support

* Contact us via chat for number of scans available per minute.

You can check our plans and pricing in detail here.