Log in to your account, or register here if you do not have one, and follow these simple steps to create a COVID form QR code:

1) Click Create QR

2) Select COVID forms

3) Select a form type (COVID tracing form: Request full name, phone, and email. COVID screening form: Request full name, phone, email and information regarding symptoms, contact with possible cases and recent flights.)

4) Insert the name of your establishment, add a logo, select a default phone prefix and insert up to 2 adittional fields

5) Click Save and apply changes

6) Scroll up and click Download to download your QR code as a PDF if you want to print it

How to view the responses of a COVID form QR code

Once a person fills out a COVID form QR code, you will be able to see the responses by clicking Form responses.

How to delete the responses of a COVID form QR code

If you want the system to delete the responses automatically, click the button that activates the option.

You will be able to Set up the time span in which the answers should be eliminated. It will depend on your needs and the data collection policies in your region.

Here is an example of what the content would look like. Scan the QR code to see it on your smartphone.

If you want to know how to customize the QR code, its landing page or how to download it, check the following articles:

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