If you have subscribed to the STANDARD, PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE plan, you can create landing page design templates which can be applied to multiple QR codes, a project or the entire account.

Log in to your account and follow these simple steps in order to customize a landing page by creating a landing page template:

  1. Click Manage project,
  2. click Edit QR,
  3. click Design and select Landing page design,
  4. click the plus icon to create a template,
  5. name the template and customize the landing page*, and
  6. click Save and apply changes.

*Customization options:

  • Apply the landing page template to a project or to the entire account,
  • add a logo and background image (SVG, PNG, JPG or GIF), and
  • choose the color of the text, background and buttons.

Alternatively, you can create a landing page design template by following these steps:

  1. Click Manage project, and
  2. click Templates and select Landing page template.

NOTE: Customization options only reflect on some types of content. For example, the ability to customize the text and buttons of a landing page will only reflect on types of content such as vCard or Mobile page. The actual content has to be added within said types of content.

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