The Short URL works as a link to a QR code's current QR type. This means that you can not only have someone scan a QR code to access its content but you can also share that content on the web using the short URL and obtain its stats.

This is what a default short URL looks like:

The part before the slash ( corresponds to the domain. In this case, being a default short URL, it is a domain.

The part after the slash (c109) is automatically generated after creating a QR code. You can change this part if you want to right before you choose the QR type of the QR code.

NOTE 1: If you have already printed the QR code, changing its short URL will make it unusable.

NOTE 2: If you have subscribed to the PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE plan, you can replace's default short URL with your own domain via white label URL masking.

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